Day Visits – 8 am to 8 pm (30 min or 60 min drop in visits)

Overnight Stays – 9 pm through 7 am (10 hour stay)

We care for your pets in the comfort of their own home while your home is also being secured. Each visit can include feeding, watering, petting, playing, waste removal, checking mail, watering plants and securing residence

$30 – 30 minute visit    $40 – 60 minute visit    $70 – $120 – overnight/daycare

$28 – 10 visits or more $38 – 10 visits or more  $5 off – 10 days or more a month

Copper – overnight with morning & evening walks   * $70 per day                   (sitter will be away for the whole day time, pet doors only)

Silver – Copper overnight care + mid day walk   * $90 per day                          (sitter will not be away for more than 8 hours at at time)

Gold – Silver overnight care + mid day walk + mid day ride/hike  * $120 per day  (sitter will not be away for more than 4 hours at a time)


We walk your dog(s) in your neighborhood (on leash)

Add $5 to pet sitting price for each additional dog in same household

example: 30 min walk for two dogs is $35


We take your dogs for an on or off leash hike

Add $5 to pet sitting price for each additional dog in same household

example: 60 min hike for two dogs is $45

Solo Adventures: 90 minute visit $60 + $15 per additional dog same household

All hiking services includes:

  • pick up and drop off
  • on / off leash hiking on nearby trails
  • pet / play time
  • treats
  • clean up
  • more love

example: 90 min solo hike for two dogs is $75


$20 – Ignition Fee + $2 a mile

$20 per hour – Wait time (if needed)

We provide one way and round trip pet transportation to wherever your pets need to go.

Add $5 to pet taxi price for each additional pet in same household

example: 10 miles one way for two pets is $45


twice weekly removal – $20 per visit

weekly removal – $25 per visit

bi weekly removal – $30 per visit

monthly removal – $50 per visit

Add $5 to the price per visit for each additional pet (standard size yard)

One time removal comes with a complimentary estimate at your home anywhere in the Portland metropolitan area.


Positive Reinforcement Training Services

Complimentary training services for all clients

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